Women Members

Women Members

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Because two thirds of UNISON’s members are women, women’s rights and issues are at the heart of the union. UNISON is actively campaigning to improve womens rights, for example, through:

  • equal pay
  • improved childcare provision
  • equal employment rights for part-timers
  • combating sexual harassment in the workplace
  • campaigning on health issues affecting members, both as women and carers.

UNISON is unique, not only because of its campaigning work, but because it guarantees women a fair voice. This means that women will be properly represented at every level of the union, in local branches, in UNISON’s regions and at national level.

Seats on the national executive will be guaranteed for women and for low paid women. This guarantee will ensure that low pay and other women’s issues are always among UNISON’s top priorities. UNISON aimed for and achieved full proportional representation for women at all levels by the year 2000.

Women still earn a lot less than men and face sex discrimination and harassment at work. Our members also juggle work and home commitments. Many have caring responsibilities and almost half work part-time. This is why UNISON takes a lead on negotiating and campaigning on women’s rights at work and in the community.

Positively Part-Time

Nationally UNISON is campaigning for equal treatment for part-time workers who still get a raw deal at work. The hourly pay rate for part-time workers is just 60% of the hourly rate for male full-time workers.

Nearly half of UNISON’s members work part-time – the overwhelming majority of them women. Some occupations, like hospital domestics and school meals workers – are nearly all part-time. We’re working to ensure:

  • Equal pay for work of equal value
  • Equal rights to bonus and other pay enhancements
  • Equal access to fair pensions
  • Equal access to quality training and promotion