Lifelong Learning

Welcome to the Ceredigion Branch’s Lifelong Learning page.

Your Lifelong Learning contact is:
Denise Owen – Phone number 07973 136655

Training & Lifelong Learning

UNISON operates a number of schemes offering financial support to UNISON members who wish to undertake courses of study. This could be for:
  • UNISON Branch Representatives who want to enhance their union-orientated skills
  • UNISON Branch members who want to develop their skills or further their education

Please contact us if you’d like further information about these schemes.

Member Training Opportunities are regularly available for members and branch activists, and details of all available courses will be included on this site, as and when available.

Financial support for members and activists

UNISON offers financial support for learning, with grants for members undertaking further or higher education members

  • up to £100 intended to help members studying up to and including at under-graduate level at their own expense on the following types of courses:
    1. Trade Union and Labour Studies where an applicant has not received a bursary
    2. Non-vocational education up to and including under-graduate level
    3. Vocational education relevant to public service work up to and including under-graduate level.
  • click to download the application form

Connecting Learners

Please find below information on the Connecting Learners project. The aim of the project is to widen participation in learning, focusing on the non-traditional, hard to reach learner.  In other words, those with little or no qualifications, those with negative experiences of mainstream school and those employed in the lower paid bands with little access to training.

Also listed are some of the workshops that are FREE of charge. We would be grateful if you could tick the ones that are of interest to you and complete the Essential Skills in the Workplace referral form and return them to or by post to Dysgu Bro, Community Education Centre, Penparcau, Aberystwyth, SY23 1SH.



Are you looking to learn something new?

Part-time Education for Adults Returning to Learn (PEARL)

Guiding you through a range of educational opportunities from short, free, online courses through to higher level learning.

‘Advise me’ tool to get personalised advice on the best options for you.

Why not try one of these Open University courses

6 free online courses

Interactive and fun to do courses, each one consists of approximately 15 hours of learning, but can be studied in shorter chunks of time.

The courses are:

Information leaflet

If you’d like further information, please contact your branch Union Learning rep (ULR) Denise Owen on 07973 136655.

Click here to access the Open University and UNISON Partnership website – the site designed for, and in consultation with, Open University students, UNISON members, Learning Representatives and Officers!

This site will tell you all you need to know about our learning offer, and will guide you through the help and support you can expect from the partnership at both a national and local level.

Other Open University Useful Links:


Try high quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.  Includes Business & Management, Health & Psychology, Creative Arts & Media and many, many more.  Check out the FutureLearn website for more information.

BBC Learning

The Skills Wise website is still our most popular website that our partners in the Essential Skills sector use.
We update the site regularly here is the link:  Have you signed up for the Skills Wise newsletter?  If not, follow the link on the webpage.

Ever Thought About Becoming a Union Learning Rep (ULR)?

UNISON is looking for people to take on the role of ULR to support the work of our Wales Union Learning Funded (WULF) Projects, and to promote learning in the workplace.  The role of the ULR is open to all trade union members.  You do not need to be a current steward or union rep, just have an interest in helping people to gain confidence and develop their skills.

We need people who are enthusiastic about learning and wish to encourage others to take part.  There is a 5-day training course which is free, and will allow you to develop the skills needed to carry out the role of the ULR.  Like union stewards, ULRs are entitled to time off for training and carrying out their duties.

What can ULRs do?   

  • They promote the value of training and learning to both staff and the employer
  • Identify training needs and arrange courses to meet these needs
  • Provide advice and guidance about learning opportunities in the workplace, and those in the community
  • Work with employers to plan learning opportunities in the workplace
  • Increase participation on workplace learning
  • Support and mentor people who are under going training
  • Develop a culture of learning in the workplace

Training for all ULRs   

All members interested in taking up the role of ULR should attend the accredited 5-day training course, which is provided by UNISON or the WALES TUC.  The course covers:

  • Promoting and researching lifelong learning
  • Offering support to other learners, and over coming barriers to learning
  • Developing communication, listening and interviewing skills
  • Working with your employer and your union branch to promote learning in the workplace
  • Understanding effective ways of assessing learning needs
  • Planning and negotiating for learning activity in the workplace

For an informal chat about the role of the ULR, or to sign up for this course, please contact your branch Union Learning rep (ULR) Denise Owen on 07973 136655.