Self Organised Groups


Self Organised Groups

Ceredigion UNISON is committed to ensuring that the needs of all its members are met. The branch fully endorses the principles of self-organisation enshrined in the UNISON Constitution and is keen to see self-organisation established within the Branch.

Locally we have been involved in helping the County Council to develop and refine its equality policies. We will continue to press for further improvements to these to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, has fair access to job opportunities and is able to go about their daily business free from harassment and discrimination.

If you would be interested in being involved in one of these Groups locally, please contact the Branch.

UNISON’s National and Regional self-organised and other groups are a way to get involved on an equal basis with everyone else in the union. They enable the union to reflect particular experiences and enable members with common interests to come together and work on key issues affecting them.

UNISON’s National website gives further information on our Self Organised Groups.