Black Members

This Black Members Officer is Hassim Ganiyu

Please Contact Hassim Ganiyu for further information.

Recognising and challenging racism in the workplace
UNISON has consistently pressed employers to recognise and challenge racism in the workplace. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 is part of the Government’s response to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. It requires employers to promote good race relations and monitor the ethnic composition of staff.

UNISON is working with employers to develop a clear strategy and programme of work to implement their new duties. We are pressing for the law to be extended to private companies. We have published the results of a survey of the action being taken by public sector employers on the Stephen Lawrence report, together with a guide for union negotiators.

Race relations and public authorities
The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2001 places a duty on all public authorities to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and good race relations between people of different racial groups. We are producing a guide to help branches negotiate the introduction of the provisions of the act with their employers and campaigning for improvements to the law.

Locally we have been involved in helping the County Council to develop and refine its equality policies. We will continue to press for further improvements to these to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, has fair access to job opportunities and is able to go about their daily business free from harassment and discrimination.

Getting involved
UNISON supports a growing network of active Black members throughout the public services. By going along to any National or Regional black members group, you can find out more about local and national events.

To visit UNISON’s National Black members site click here.